We Remove Hair Anywhere You Dare To Bare!

Are you fed up with shaving and waxing endlessly and still being left with rough stubble? Then look no further because LASER HAIR REMOVAL is your solution. At All In One Laser we use the newest and most powerful way to safely, quickly and effectively remove unwanted hair anywhere on the face or body. Our GentleMax Laser contains two lasers: The Alexandrite for lighter skin and The Yag for darker skin. Unlike other laser treatments, the GentleMax™ laser system has been designed to work on any patient. Imagine...no more waxing, shaving, plucking, razor stubble, or ingrown hairs. Just smooth and silky hairless and clear skin.

We provide affordable discounted prices topped with great results.

If you’re searching for laser hair removal, call us today at 617-393-3456. You’ll immediately notice our commitment to your skin’s health and your satisfaction.

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